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Travel Guide Sariska National Park

There are many distinct languages and dialects in India. However, in the northern region, Hindi and English are widely spoken. Road signs and directions are posted in both languages.

The national currency is the rupee. It is divided into 100 paisas. Traveller’s cheques are easy to cash and some banks in larger cities have ATMs.

Visas are required. There are three tourist visas available - a 15-day single/double entry transit visa, a 90-day visa or longer six-month multiple re-entry visa. Enquiries should be directed to the nearest Indian embassy or consulate.

There is a good hospital near Aman-i-Khás with qualified doctors in residence. Jodhpur is also reasonably well equipped. Reasonable precautions should be taken for hepatitis-A, malaria, cholera and typhoid. Drinking boiled or bottled water is often an adequate precaution for water-borne illnesses. Guests should consult their doctor and arrange travel insurance prior to departure.