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Adventures in our part of the land spell exotic from the minute you land. Enter the crowds and chaos that is at once heartwarming and disarming. This is where we, at Indian Wildlife Org, come in. To guide you through every moment of your trip. From the mountainous terrain of the mighty Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala, from the imposing tiger and elephant views to the wonder of Taj Mahal, you will find our staff willing to discuss every detail before you book your trip.
Check trip reports that some participants have posted on our website. The number and variety of wildlife and birds that you come across on these trips is vast and truly amazing. Where else can you find a tiger sitting along a 1000 year old fort wall?

Can I do it?-is what some first timers ask. A new land, a VERY different one, populous, diverse in all its forms-YES, you can! And you may enjoy it exactly the way you want -as per your budget, your interest and your time schedule. To make a booking, you may e-mail or call us. We would love to host your trip and help you discover your passage to India!

All logistics are taken care of such as airport transfers, accommodation, travel, boarding, guides, permits etc. You may ask for the travel arrangements in other areas within India, Nepal and Bhutan than the ones mentioned above. To work out a tour package we need to know either the destinations or the species of birds or wildlife that one is interested in, the number of people, duration of the tour, category of hotels / resorts / camp i.e. economy or medium or luxury hotels, air or rail preference. Please ask for the itinerary detailing the tour and pricing.

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