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Introduction - Sariska National Park

The Project Tiger Reserve
The Sariska Sanctuary is a Project Tiger Reserve with a rich wealth of fauna which includes mainly the leopard, tiger, several species of deer, porcupine, etc. It is also home to an exotic variety of birds. Dotting the Sariska valley are facinating ruins which merge with the landscape and tell tales of history, myth and legend to the traveler. The Sariska Palace Hotel, located amidst this forest and the ancient Aravalis, was built as a hunting lodge for the erstwhile rulers of Alwar State.

It is now a Heritage Hotel combining the best of a bygone royal grandeur and modern comfort. From the palace you can go on excursions which are truly an unforgettable experience……….

Duration 2/3 hours
Time 7am to10am and 3pm to 6pm

Mammal species known to frequent Algual Spring :

Common Name Scientific Name
Tiger Panthera tigris
Panther Panthera padus
Jungle Cat Felis caracal
Jackal Canis aureus
Hyena Hyena hyena
Toddy cat Paradoxurus hermaphrodites
Small Indian Civet Viverricula indica
Common Mongoose Herpestes edwardsii
Ruddy Mongoose Herpestes smithi
Chital Axis axis
Sambar Cervus unicor
Nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus
Chousingha Tetraceros quadricornis
Chinkara (Indian Gazel) Gazela Gazela
Wild boar Sus scrofa
Domestic cattle Bos indica
Five Striped Palm Squirrel Funambulus pennanti
Indian Porcupine Hystrix indica
Common Langur Presbytis entellus