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Sunder Chital Tourist Lodge

Sunder Chital Tourist Lodge, situated near to the mangrove wild hub land of Sundarbans at Sajnekhali, is the beautiful government run tourist lodge of Sundar Chital. For reservations contact - West Bengal Tourist Development Corporation.

Accommodation Facilities :
A 60 bed lodging provision available in the tourist lodge.

Other Services :

  • Watercraft to: Nimkhana, Bhagabatpur, Lothian & Holiday Islands
  • Water Launches available at Sonekhali and Namkhana.
  • Tourist Launches on hire are available from the Tourist Bureau.
  • All three meals a day
  • All entrance fee & permit charges.
  • To & fro transfer services from Kolkatta and back.
  • The stay can be increased on pro-rata basis.

Leisure Activites :

  • 1/2/3 day
  • Tours to STR & Tiger Projects.
  • Cruise through the mangroves by a special dedicated motor boat.
  • Accompanied by a nature guide on the cruise.