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Reputed as the eastern gateway to India, Bharatpur is popular for its bird sanctuary- Keoladeo National Park. We offer our services in the following heritage hotels of Bharatpur.A golden age dawned upon the old city of Bharatpur, traditionally the home of jats. Otherwise the tillers of the land, the jats establish their pre-eminence in the region long before the before the emergence of rajputs. Uniting under the able leadership of rulers like Badan singh and Suraj mal, the jats expanded their territory far beyond its original boundaries. Such was the might of the jats that Bharatpur came to be known as the impregnable city. The beautiful palace and gardens at Deeg and the Bharatpur fort, both built by Surajmal , symbolized the coming of age of the jat state. Soon, nobody dared question the jats’ prowess in battle. Laxmi Vilas Palace was built in 1899. It is an interesting blend of Mughal and Rajputana architecture. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful mustard fields. Needless to say, the palace is breathtaking and the ambience truly exalting.

Accommodation facilities : 17, Fully Air Condition Standard Rooms. Each with its own Rajasthani Character. Stay here and feel the difference.

Other Services : The site of the Palace makes it possible for a wide range of activities. To make your stay unforgettable Camel safaris, Horse safaris, Cycle safaris, one day to five day Jeep safaris with overnight stay in Royal Rajasthani Tents.

Location :Alwar 36 Kms, Jaipur 120 Kms, Delhi 200 Kms, Jaipur Agra Highway.