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INFINITY RESORTS :: Corbett Wilderness

Owned and managed by Khatau International, a Dilip D. Khatau Group Company. Infinity Resorts is situated in the himaliyan foothills on the banks of the Kosi River. Situated in the Kumaon hills of Uttaranchal, it reflects a high standard of jungle accommodation which is unique in India.

The lodge reminds one, of the famous African lodges. It has a distinct outdoor atmosphere, right down to the staff uniforms. The lodge has a typical jungle ambience with its huge wooden rafters in a dome-shaped split level mega-pagoda, which serves as a lounge with a cozy fireplace, a fully-stocked bar and a dining hall. The decor, the furniture, the artifacts, all capture the tough life of the jungle so loved by the legendary Jim Corbett. Its 24 twin bedrooms offer a panoramic view of the Kosi river with the backdrop of the Kumaon hills. Its lawns, set amidst a mango grove bring to life the bonhomie of outdoor zest and zeal with 'Chota Pegs' and small eats in the evening.

Infinity Resorts is a strong believer in eco-tourism as not only is it important to travel to remote areas and enjoy and understand the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the area, but also to retain the purity and beauty of the wilderness.

The most significant event that has taken place in this regard is the setting up of The Corbett Foundation. It is a private trust which is engaged in eco-developmental works in the buffer area with special emphasis on an awareness programme. It is earnestly hoped that the activities of the trust will further the cause of eco-tourism and it will become a pioneer organisation to further conservation efforts in and around the Cobett Tiger Reserve, including the tiger.

Facilities : Owned and managed by Khatau International Limited, Infinity Resorts stands on the banks of the Kosi river in the heart of the Kumaon hills of western U.P. Looking onto the green hills of Nainital and Ranikhet ridgeline, the lodge reflects a high standard of jungle accommodation which is unique in India.

Twenty four spacious twin-bedded rooms with adjoining bathrooms and individual private balconies stand in a grove of mango trees around a full sized swimming pool. Terra-cotta tiles, local marble stone and slate blend pleasingly in the main lodge building which is arranged on several levels to maximize enjoyment of the view. The circular lodge and dining area, complete with a fully stocked bar and cosy fireplace, jut out making it an intrinsic part of the river and hills around it.

Other facilities include indoor games, a conference hall with state of the art equipment, Childrens Park and even a medical center with resident doctors and an ambulance.

Upon special requests the lodge can organize pickups from the above mentioned stations.

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