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Wildlife Ranthambore National Park

The core of the park, which measures around 400 square kilometres, presents the best opportunity for spotting tigers, leopards, jungle cats, hyenas and sloth bears. Interestingly, tiger sightings at Ranthambhore are among the best anywhere.

Chital deer, antelopes and gazelles can also be seen roaming the savannah whilst the lakes and waterholes are home to the Indian marsh crocodile. Bird life, both resident and migratory, is prolific and over 350 species have been sighted within the park.

The best time to view game is in the early morning and late afternoon. The camp operates four-wheel-drive open-top jeeps customised for maximum comfort. The morning starts with tea or coffee at 5am with the vehicles leaving camp shortly after. Excursions last around four-and-a-half-hours and take place twice a day. Trips are led by Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve appointed guides who take guests on a range of routes through the park. The morning excursion returns at about 9.30am when breakfast is served. The afternoon excursions depart from the camp at around 3.30pm and generally return at 6.30pm. Excursion times are set by the park authorities as only a limited number of vehicles are permitted inside the park core at any one time.