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Excursions : Places Nearby City - Corbett

Corbett is a part of the Kumaon region of Uttaranchal. The entire state is a tourist paradise with picturesque hill stations, pilgrimages, wildlife, and high-speed rivers all around. Some of the major destinations in this region are still unexplored, and this gives you ample opportunities to have a great time. Ranikhet or the /’queen/’s paddy field/’ is only one of such destinations.

Kalagarh Dam, Sitabani, Garija Devi, and Kaladungi are all small retreats in the Corbett National Park where you would find a sylvan atmosphere and spiritual isolation. Rampur is a former princely town in Uttar Pradesh with a great library that houses thousands of rare books and paintings.

Garija Devi
Garija Devi (10 km from Ramnagar) is fast becoming a major tourist attraction in recent times. Situated on the Kosi River, the place is a perfect retreat for the tourists.

Located on the main route to Nainital from Dhikala, Kaladungi was the former residence of the legendary hunter, Jim Corbett. He was the man who helped in establishing this fine national park.

Kalagarh Dam
Kalagarh Dam, situated at the south-western tip of the Corbett National Park, is one of the best place in the region for bird watching. The dam that played havoc with the ecological system of the region in 1970s now attracts a great number of migratory waterfowl in the winters. There are also many nature-walking routes nearby.

Situated around 125 km from Corbett National Park, Rampur was formerly a princely state which later became a part of Uttar Pradesh after independence. The place is famous for its library with more than 12,000 rare manuscripts and a fine collection of Mughal miniature paintings. Rampur is famous—rather infamous—for the Rampuri dagger.

Situated some 103 km from Dhikala, Ranikhet, as the name suggests, is a beautiful and quiet hill station at an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level. It has a pleasant climate with mild summers and chilled winter. This is one of the few unexplored destinations in the country where you can find a serene environment, traffic-less streets, and hospitable people.

Sitabani is a place traditionally associated with the Ramayana as it believed that Sita was exiled by Rama here. Sitabani is a birdwatchers/’ paradise and there is an ashram tucked away in the jungle. Panthers and other wildlife move to Sitabani when the tourist season is on in Corbett.