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Panna National Park


  • Early mornings and late afternoons are best suited for visiting the forests and sighting of animals.
  • Small groups are ideal. While going inside the forest, taking a guide is compulsory.
  • Carry drinking water
  • Do not disturb or tease animals. Respect animals and their habitats.
  • Drive slowly (20 km/hr) and do not blow horn. In the forest , animals have the right of way.
  • Refrain from smoking or lighting of fire.
  • Do not carry any firearms.
  • Radio and tape recorders are better left behind. Enjoy the music of the forest.
  • Use the designated dustbins for throwing waste Carrying plastics and other non-degradable material is prohibited.
  • Do not get out of vehicle at places other than the designated area.
  • Visitors are advised to avoid using perfumes and scented oils as these might attract honey bees.
  • Please consult your guide for what to see when and where.
  • Park Management has the right to close the Reserve any time for management objectives.
  • Offences in the Park are dealt in accordance with Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972.