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Nearby Attractions Kanha National Park

Nearby Attractions :
The Kanha national park in itself is so beautiful and full of adventure that no other local attraction is needed.But Bamni Dadar is one place which is visited by every tourist who come to the national park. This also known as the sunset point. The Kanha national park is at it scenic best at this point. The sunset from this spot is mesmerizing. The eminent natural splendor of the park comes to the fore here. The grazing sambars, barking deer, gaurs and other animals make the ambience magical.

Park Trips :
Take a forest department guide to go around the park. Guides take you to the exact locations where animals can be seen at their natural best. Touring is usually on jeeps. These jeeps can be hired from the MPTDC. Elephant safaris are mainly to spot tigers. Jeeps can be hired from the MPTDC manager at Kisli and Mukki. Remember to book the jeep one day before.