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Nearby Bandhavgarh National Park

Temperature :

Months Morning Afternoon
October-March 0-10º Celsius 20-25 º Celsius
April 12-25 º Celsius 30-35º Celsius
May-June 30-35 º Celsius 40-45 º Celsius

Park Safari Timings :
Visitors can enter the core area only in the mornings on a jeep or in the afternoon. One needs to take a forest department guide to help one enjoy the park better. Touring is usually allowed on jeeps, which are available locally. Because of the rush of the tourist season hiring jeeps can become troublesome, so reserve the vehicle well in advance during the peak season.

Months Morning Afternoon
01 November - 15 February 06:00-12:20 15:00-18:30 hrs
16 February - 30 April 06:00-12:20 16:00-18:30 hrs
01 May - 30 June 06:00-11:00 17:00-18:45 hrs

Tiger Show at Bandhavgarh National Park :
Tiger Show at Bandhavgarh National Park : The Forest authority of Bandhavgarh National park organizes a Tiger Show for tourists through tokens on strictly on first-come-first-serve basis. The vehicles take it in turns to drive to the location where one is taken by elephant to view the tiger. The elephants can approach the tigers at very close proximity, often as close as 3-4 metres without seemingly causing any distress to either animal.