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Grey Francolin (Francolinus pondicerianus)

Other Names: Hyderabadi Francolin, Grey Partridge
Other Names: Southeastern Iran and Pakistan, throughout India to Bangladesh, northern Sri Lanka. Has been introduced northern Oman, the Hawaiian Islands, several islands in the Indian Ocean including Seychelles and Mauritius. Attempts have been made in the USA, but it is doubtful there are any sustainable populations.
Subspecies: F. p. mecranensis, F. p. interpositus, F. p. pondicerianus.
Habitat: Grasslands and scrublands, also cultivated areas and near villiages.
Description: Sexes are similar with barred plumage; throat, cheeks and forehead is orange (pondicerianus), light orange-buff (interpositus) or white (mecranensis), all have dark border below neck; the breast and abdomen greyish-buff with dark barring; mantle and wings chestnut with light shaft-streaks and barring. Males maybe slightly larger and develop spurs. Immature birds lack the dark border patch on neck.
Status in Wild: Considered by many to be the most common game bird in southwestern Asia and India.
Avicultural Data
Status in Aviculture: They are established, but not often seen in many aviaries due to their drab coloration and flighty nature.
Breeding Season: Varies by region and climate, from April to August.
Clutch Size: 6 to 9
Incubation Period: 18 to 19 days
Misc. Aviculture Notes:
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